Client testimonials

“Thank you so much for your wonderful classes and private training. They have helped our family think and act more like dog owners should. As a result, our dog Cooper is happier and better behaved!
Your training methods are effective, and your classes are fun for dogs and owners alike. You are definitely in the right profession. I could tell from the moment Cooper met you that you truly understand dogs and they respond to you.”

—Emily and Cooper

“When I got my first dog I didn’t have the faintest idea what to do! Mary Beth trained Oreo and me on the finer points of good-dog behavior. Oreo became such a good dog that she was followed by another pup, Axl. Mary Beth’s method of positive reinforcement promises a well-trained dog and a happy family. People often comment on my perfect dogs.”

—Bridgett, Oreo and Axl

“My dog Lulu responded extremely well to the positive reinforcement methods taught in the class, and is now a more confident and well-behaved member of our family.
Mary Beth is a knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. I highly recommend her to pet owners who are looking for a great trainer to help with training and behavior issues.”

—Janet McCulley
Co-Founder, Muttropolis

“Our shepherd mix was a handful from the start. As a 14-year veteran employee of the animal welfare field, it was important to me that we have the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. So, I shopped around a lot.
When I found Mary Beth, I knew she’d be the trainer for us. She educates her students on the benefits of positive reinforcement, and keeps classes small so attention is given equally to her clients. She has helped us to understand our dog Aero’s perspective. Thanks to Mary Beth, we’re so proud of how well he’s progressed and enjoy seeing him continue to improve.”

—Lani, Brian and Aero

“Mary Beth has helped us see that other dogs might not really be so bad. And best of all, her methods are kind, with none of that painful choke chain business. We give Canines Content four paws up!”

—Chiclet T. Dog,
Author of Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care, and Jiggy, photographer’s model